Funding Methods

How to fund your trading account?

  • Login client portal: Log in to our client portal payment area and select “Funding”.
  • Select the account: Select the account you wish to fund, and enter the desired amount.
  • Choose payment method: Choose the method you wish to fund your account with fill in the details, then click the “Send” notification button.
  • Bank Wire Transfer is an effective way to transfer funds from any country in the world.
  • To see our bank wire details, please log in to the Secure Client Portal payment area and select your chosen deposit currency from the displayed tabs – this will provide you with the details you need to transfer your funds. You may also need to contact your bank to obtain a wire transfer form or instructions on how to complete a wire transfer via their online banking service. When we receive the funds from your bank, we will credit your account immediately.
  • Please ensure to send the funds to the correct trust account, as incorrect deposit currencies may not be accepted.
  • Please also note that Australian bank transfers should not incur any fees, but international bank transfer fees may apply. It is best to check with the local bank/institution for details of these fees and surcharges.
  • Skrill is a widely popular online payment method, which allows quick and convenient online payments for over 36 million account holders in 200 countries and 40 different currencies.
  • You will need a Skrill account before you can start using this service and their accounts are free to sign up. Note that this payment option is not available for USD-based trading accounts.

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