Lucror Technology

With the increasing impact of latency on trading, your trading platform and its environment are of vital importance in terms of “time to market”. As markets and banks move faster, trading on data that is seconds old increases your risk significantly. Lucror Ltd. has aggressively addressed this issue by:

Speed,Reliability and Security

SPEED – Latency is the speed at which trades are executed in the market. The lower the latency, the faster the trade will be executed. This ultimately lowers your chances of negative slippage. The net effect is to have a greater trading accuracy – the price you see is the price you get.
RELIABILITY – Server up-time is critical to traders at Lucror Ltd. We’ve upgraded technology that lowers our clients redundancy levels that were not possible a few years ago. Low redundancy ensures absolute minimal downtime, and we can give our clients the peace of mind that goes with it.
SECURITY – The location of our Lucror Ltd. trader servers are located in the ultra-secure Equinix LD4 London data centres. This ensures that your data is in the safest location in the premier global liquidity hub for FX.


Focusing On What Matters

We know the smart way to trade is through a combination of feature-rich trading platforms combined with low-latency global networking in order to emphasize speed and reliability.
With that in mind, we’ve partnered with the internationally renowned technology firm Equinix to manage our data centres resulting in strategic co-location opportunities that deliver improved results for our clients.

Trade from within the Institutional Grid

As a Lucror Ltd. client, you have access to the world’s most liquid institutions ensuring the best pricing and fastest execution available.
Lucror Ltd.’s trade servers are located in the low latency LD4 FX suite, which is located with the world’s leading international banks and liquidity providers. The close proximity of the ultra-low latency FX center gives Lucror Ltd. a direct connection to the best trade execution possible.
Lucror Ltd. uses powerful trade servers to enable ultra-low-latency trading. When combined with our cross-connected VPS, Lucror Ltd. becomes the world’s leading provider of MetaTrader4 auto-trading solutions, with sub-millisecond transmission speeds from our MT4 servers to your client terminals, hosted just 20 meters away.
Lucror Ltd.’s Price Improvement technology ensures that Lucror Ltd. clients receive the best execution possible and realize cost savings in the highly competitive world of FX trading.
Lucror Ltd.’s cutting-edge trading infrastructure and aggregated price environment make Lucror Ltd. MT4 the perfect platform for ultimate low latency FX trading.
Unlike other FX brokerages, who are merely connected to LD4 or NY4, Lucror Ltd.’s servers are INSIDE Equinix LD4 – which gives you as a Lucror Ltd. clients a double advantage: increased security and decreased latency, which equals the fastest, most secure Meta Trader solution possible!


Why Use An LD4 Server?

LD4 is the home of one of the most famous financial ecosystems in London, hosting a full range of redundancy, inter-connectivity, support, and monitoring services.
Lucror Ltd. hosts MetaTrader 4 servers in LD4 which enables ultra-fast cross-connectivity between Lucror Ltd. and all of its liquidity providers. Dedicated lines provide the lowest latency possible, ensuring the fastest execution speeds for clients.

Price Improvement

Lucror Ltd. Price Improvement Technology gives you the edge above others. Price Improvement Technology is designed to provide clients with a competitive market edge. Sourcing the best prices from the liquidity pool, our Price Improvement system is able to ensure the best execution price possible on each trade.
Our systems have the capability to review a huge number of trades and trade data on a second-by-second basis.

How Does Price Improvement Technology Help?

Here is an example: If the bid price on AUDUSD is .9035, when you click to execute a sell order, but then in the next millisecond, the price improves to .9036 (one pip improvement), your trade will be executed at the improved price of .9036, which gives you an advantage over other forex traders.

Trade Smarter Not Harder

In a fast market with high volatility, Lucror Ltd.’s technology gives you optimal pricing.
Experience the power of Lucror Ltd. Price Improvement Technology on your MT4 today.

Start Your fx trading today!