Multi-Level Partner

Our MLP is a unique service that allows you to expand your partnership network and include many sources of income – more than you would be able to in a standard Partnership program. With the MLP, you can benefit from three levels of clients – new levels open up as your own direct clients become partners themselves.

What is the MLP?

The Multi-level Partnership Program is a type of affiliate program that provides wider opportunities for getting income comparing to standard programs. What makes it more dynamic is that partners get remuneration for the trading operations of both their clients and their clients’ clients. The maximum length of the referral link between partners and client-partners is three levels.

How does it work?

The major principle of this affiliate program is easy: you engage clients into trading with LUCROR LTD. You receive a unique referral link for this program – this affiliate code is used to record all of your referrals. When you attract new clients, they will be automatically included in your multi-level partnership group. You receive partner commission when your clients make trades, regardless of the deal outcome. If any of your clients become partners and attract clients of their own, you would earn commission on the trades performed by your clients’ clients, thus making an earning on two levels. This project can span up to three levels.

Who can join?

This program is perfect for those who plan to engage not only clients but partners as well. In such a way the partner will be able to get income not only from the trading of their direct clients but sub-clients as well. It considerably increases your income and allows you to build a personal partnership network.

Key Advantage of MLP

  • Commission up to 100%.
  • 3 Level commission payment.
  • The timely payment of commission by all members of MLP Group.
  • The leverage for MLP members ranges up to 1:200.
  • Great trading conditions for clients.
  • Various payment systems.

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